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Home / Away Pet Care Service

Hi! I’m Dennis

a dog walker and pet sitter

based in Villa Rica, GA


Home Away Pet Care LLC

Dennis Schmotzer and his best friend, Harley.

Hi ! I'm Dennis operating a pet taxi, dog walker and pet sitter service based in Villa Rica, GA.

Serving Temple, Villa Rica, Mirror Lake & nearby locations.

Call us today to ensure the wellbeing of your pets and your peace of mind!


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Dog Walking

I really enjoy caring for dogs & being there for them when they need exercise and a potty break, so when you can't be there, I will be glad to be  there for them.

15 Minutes


30 Minutes


60 Minutes


15 minutes    $15.00 1 dog only

30 minutes   $20.00 2 dogs maximum  

 1 hour            $27.00 3 dogs maximum 

Additional dogs +$5.00 per dog

Extra time if requested + $5.00 per 15 min.

Holiday rate + $5.00 

Pet Taxi

One way rate applies for dropping off pets for prolonged care (grooming, surgery and more). The same rate applies for picking them up following care.


Round trip rate applies for routine veterinarian office visits.

More than one pet additional $8.00 per pet

Number, type and size of pets limited. 

Holiday rate + $5.00 

One way


Round Trip


Pet Sitting Overnight

We'll stay with your pet(s) in your home overnight. This includes feeding, watering, walking, changing litter boxes and more.

More than one pet additional $5.00 per pet.

Holiday rate + $5.00 



Drop-by Visits

We provide this service in 15, 30 minute

and 1 hour drop-by visits. 

This includes feeding, watering,

changing litter boxes and more.

More than one pet additional $5.00 per pet.

Over initial 15 minutes + $5.00 per 15 min.

Holiday rate + $5.00 


  Drop-by visit

Drop-by visit

Drop-by visit

        15 minutes
         30 minutes
          One hour



Doc Burnett Testimonial.jpg

Calls outside of general service area will incur additional fee based on distance outside service area. 


Book a pet appointment today!

We love our pets!

About Dennis Schmotzer

I have been a dog lover since 2002 when I got my first rescue dog, my heart was broken when he passed away 3-30-16. I missed him so much I decided to get another best friend, I adopted another rescue dog 4-29-16, so I have years of dog   walking experience. I am also a cat lover, have had many cats in my life over the years, and currently have one.


Dennis is one of the most remarkable people I have had the privilege of knowing both personally and professionally. He is dedicated and focused in his work. He is reliable and trustworthy. I knew beyond any doubt I could trust him with my business and the animals.

— Stuart "Doc Win" Burnett | Atlanta West Veterinary Hospital

I'm very please with Dennis' service. He took my dog to the vet when I was unable. He helped carry my dog to his vehicle and transported him to the vet. He eased my anxiety over the symptoms my dog was experiencing.

— Kristine

While I worked late Dennis helped keep my dog, Micky, happy and healthy. He would come walk, feed and care for Micky as his own pet.

— Greg

Home / Away Pet Care, was an excellent choice for me and my dog Zipper. Even as I contacted the service at the last minute. the response was fast and right on time. Will from now on be my first and only choice for my family.

__ Undrea

We're licensed and insured. Background check and references available by request.

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